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Safe Space trainings and requirements have changed.  This is because Guiding recognises the importance of keeping you safe as well as those that you also come into contact with. The changes apply to all members / volunteers, including those who do not participate on a regular basis.

The Safe Space scheme now consists of 4 levels.


Which levels you will do depends on your role and qualifications in Guiding. For example, an Assistant Leader who does not have a residential licence will only need to do both levels 1 and 2. Whereas an Assistant Leader who uses their residential licence to take their girls on camps / residentials will need to do level 3 in addition to levels 1 and 2.


By December 2020 all volunteers will need to hold the current Safe Space levels for their role(s). In addition, from January 2021, volunteers will need to renew their Safe Space levels every 3 years (the extra level for Commissioners is renewable every 5 years).


Who needs to do which level?     How can the levels be achieved?      Any exemptions?



What happens if I have not been trained by December 2020?

HQ have advised that restrictions (not yet defined) will be placed on your role.


How soon do I need to do the trainings?


  • Level 3 – residential licence holders are recommended to do this level before taking their girls away

  • Other levels – by December 2020 (if not already exempt). So we have 3 years to complete this but will stagger trainings so that we’re not training all 2,000 members of Warwickshire in the last few months of 2020.    

  • Elearnings – you are all welcome to do any of the elearnings, whether required for your role or not


When will trainings take place / be advertised?

From February 2018 we will run a session every month, apart from July and August, at various venues around the County. Dates will be advertised on the County website as well as by mailshots and newsletters.


The 1st session is on Monday February 5th at Nuneaton Methodist church and will cover level 2.  Click here to book a place.


The spring term will be mainly level 2 tranings. County training day,  10th March will also include level 3 trainings.

The summer term will also include level 3 trainings as we would like all residential licence holders who will be taking their girls away this year to attend a level 3 session this year.


How many people can attend a training?        

  • Max 25 attendees (a minimum of 15 attendees is required to make the sessions viable)

  • A waiting list will be held incase volunteers are unable to attend

How much do the trainings cost?

FREE   (your County subscription covers this charge)


Who can sign off the level 2 worksheet / level 3 exemption?

  • Level 2 worksheet – can be discussed with a Commissioner who has completed their Safe Space training OR a Safe Space trainer - click here for the worksheet




Where can I find out more about the changes?    


What do I do if I have a safeguarding concern before I’m able to attend a course or complete an elearning?      

Please contact your local Commissioner or the Safeguarding team at Girlguiding HQ on 020 7834 6242 for further support and guidance.

For out-of-hours emergencies you can call 07508 032997. Alternatively, please contact our County Safe Space Advisor – Mary Simpkins, 07809 772095.


If you have any queries, please email Janet Monteith 



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