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The current schedule for County first response courses is:

Saturday        29 June 2024    Henwood House, Solihull, B91 2TD

Saturday        20 July 2024     Coventry South Guide HQ, CV1 3FZ

Sunday          22 Sept 2024     Attleborough Liberal Club, Nuneaton, CV11 4JX

(Henwood House is located in Catherine de Barnes, B91 2TD, not far from Solihull, and easily accessed from the M42 and the A45.)

To book, participants must email  providing the information below: (full course details will be sent to the participants)
1.    The course date they wish to attend
2.    Their name and GO number
3.    Any additional needs to be considered including allergies
The participants will also need to complete the first response e-learning on the learning platform before they attend the course. If they have any issues this gives Sue time to support them.
The course cost is currently being covered by the county  to help support those units who may be struggling financially. If you have ten or more people wanting a course in your local area and know of a suitable venue, please contact Sue Burgham as she is happy to deliver courses in other areas.


                                                                         Non Girlguiding 1st aid qualification


Girlguiding no longer have a list of acceptable equivalent courses. For all external Non-Girlguiding 1st Aid courses, you will need to confirm to your District or Division commissioner that the external course you have attended covers all the topics included in the First Response course, see syllabus for more details. Most courses cover the basic 1st Aid topics covered in session 1 of the First Response course. However some topics included in sessions 2 or 3 of the guiding course may not be covered. If many topics have been missed you will need to attend that session of the First Response course to ensure you have all the lifesaving knowledge required by a guiding volunteer. If only one or two topics have not been included in the course you attended, you can have a conversation with a First Response trainer to update your missing knowledge. You will also need to complete the First response e-learning Click the following link to start the e-learning on the Learning Platform



All volunteers will need to complete the mandatory First Response e-learning. The e-learning’s main purpose is to bring all the guiding only rules and regulations from the First Response course together. In the past if you had completed an external 1st Aid course you would have needed to have a conversation with a commissioner to ensure you understood the Guiding side of a 1st Aid incident. The e-learning has removed this need and standardized the information given to volunteers. An experienced volunteer will know the majority of this information but for new volunteers it is vital they are informed of guiding policies and procedures in order to conform with the Guiding code of conduct. Click the following link to find the e-learning Learning Platform


Courses covering the First Response Syllabus have previously been offered by Kim Marston. Kim is now only offering these courses to pre-booked groups. Kim can be contacted here.

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