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Recruitment Campaign

pebble 2.jpg

As part of our recruitment campaign, we are encouraging our members to paint a pebble,

paint #ggwjoin on it and hide it somewhere.

We hope to fill social media with #ggwjoin and get new members interested in joining us.

Be sure to tell your leader you took part, as for some sections this covers some areas of the programme.


Social media can play an active part in helping attract volunteers to your organisation. 

People are actively using social media to communicate with organisations and to seek out volunteering opportunities.  

Volunteers are also using social media to talk about their volunteering.


Please take a look at our resouces below which can make your campagin a sucess!

Social Media is a powerful tool for engaging people with an interest in your cause, it is a free and very effective to get volunteers to support your campaign or to get involved in an event or a new project.



It is important to use the correct logos and branding for your social media.  please look at our publication on how to create your logo and how to amend the size so it fits in with social media.


 It is important to make your content on your website and socal media engaging. 

Click on the link below on how to get the most out social media and make it engaging.

Bitlinks are used for everything from shortening and sharing links to tracking multichannel campaigns, locations, teams. There’s a lot you can do with every individual link.

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